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Shop for All kinds of Unique, Vintage Antique Bottles, Home Décor items, and Modern Glass Marbles.

Hello! We are Bob’s Bottle Mania and are passionate about selling an eclectic collection of often hard-to-find antique bottles at an affordable price. If you are looking for something unique or unusual, please feel free to inquire. Bob’s Bottlemania is an adventure that started as a bottle digging hobby over sixty years ago, then to an eBay Store and then finally evolving into this website. We are dedicated to our customers and providing them with unique, high-quality items at a reasonable price. We strive to inspire our customers’ originality, through a creative and different shopping experience. Every day we are bringing new items to our site. The home decor items also include custom made stained glass windows along with small pieces for window display, handmade by my wife and me.

Our Philosophy


To provide a home for everything, you need to share the history of the old bottles with others, so that you can expand your collection or help a friend grow theirs. We are a customer-oriented, reliable shop that believes in providing unusual and not often seen items


Our mission is simple – We want to make the purchase of your Antique Bottle as comfortable as possible, whether it’s for yourself or someone else. We provide quality goods that you can count on at a reasonable price.


We are committed to making unusual stained glass items and antique bottles as a part of your everyday life. As long as you continue to search for unique items, we will grow and bring more of our world to you through our shop!

What do we offer?

We have a wide range of unique and distinctive items that are not only hard to find but add originality to your home or collection. If you are looking for any specific bottle feel free to inquire. Some items offered are as old as the early 1800’s, to new modern small collectibles. Our online shop provides you:

  • Collectible Antique Bottles
  • Collectible Glass Insulators
  • Collectible Modern Model Trains
  • Modern Glass Marbles
  • Antique Tokens
  • Railroad Date Nails
  • Crystal Expressions, By GANZ
  • Kurt S. Adler
  • Andy Davis Glass
  • GiftCraft Inc.
  • Zaer Ltd. International
  • Mad Man Custom Marbles

We have antique and vintage items from around the country. If you have a question about any item or need additional information, please contact us.

Bob & Chris Voegtly

Darby, MT 59829

406 381-5585

Email: pqfc@aol.com

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